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Getting There
The village is on the local bus route, but renting a car is recommended. There is so much to see and do, you would be limited without a car.

There are several airports that serve this area; I usually fly into Barcelona and take the train to Perpignan where I rent a car. You can also rent a car in Barcelona where the prices are lower; there is, however, a surcharge of 8-10 Ä per day charge for taking the car to France.

Depending on your itinerary, you may be able to fly to Girona, Spain or Perpignan which are served by low-cost British airlines. The Barcelona airport is about a 2 hour drive, the Perpignan airport about 40 minutes, and Girona about 1 hour. Travel by train from anywhere in Europe is easy; itís only 6 hours from Paris.

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